Watch TV Internet on the Rise

Watch TV Internet on the Rise

“ ’30% of homes have Internet connected TV,’ reports Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (as stated by technology author Christopher Rick on” Watch TV Internet is the new revolution.

“Nielsen data shows that consumers’ time with TV, Internet and Mobilevideo continues to increase across the board. Online video grew 13% in Q1 2009, driven by both strong brand marketing and large media events including the Presidential inauguration, the Super Bowl and March Madness. With broadband levels increasing in the U.S., online video audiences will continue to grow as consumers begin to upgrade their PCs to support increased video consumption. Mobile video viewing has grown a significant 52% from the previous year, up to 13.4 million Americans. Much of this growth continues to come from increased mobile content and the rise of the mobile web as a viewing option.” (As sited on who references “Briefing: Nielsen to Purchase All NetRatings Shares (International Herald Tribune. 2007-02-05).”.

“For the first time in 20 years, the number of homes in the United States with television sets has dropped,” states NYTimes author Brian Stelter in a NYTimes article titled “Ownership Of TV Sets Falls in U.S” (printed May 3, 2011). He continues “The Nielsen Company, which takes TV set ownership into account when it produces ratings, will tell television networks and advertisers on Tuesday that 96.7 percent of American households now own sets, down from 98.9 percent previously.”

“There are two reasons for the decline, according to Nielsen. One is poverty: some low-income households no longer own TV sets, most likely because they cannot afford new digital sets and antennas. The other is technological wizardry: young people who have grown up with laptops in their hands instead of remote controls are opting not to buy TV sets when they graduate from college or enter the work force, at least not at first. Instead, they are subsisting on a diet of television shows and movies from the Internet.”

“ ‘One thing we are seeing in the Nielsen sample are fewer people owning TVs,’ Ms. McDonough (of Nielsen) said.”

“Then there are the tech-savvy Americans who once lived in a household with a television, but no longer do. These are either cord-cutters — a term that refers to people who stop paying for cable television — or people who never signed on for cable. Ms. McDonough suggested that these were younger Americans who were moving into new residences and deciding not to buy a TV for themselves, especially if they ‘don’t have the financial means to get one immediately.’ “

“Sensitive to its clients’ concerns, Nielsen explains the trend this way in the report: ‘While Nielsen data demonstrates that consumers are viewing more video content across all platforms — rather than replacing one medium with another — a small subset of younger, urban consumers seem to be going without paid TV subscriptions for the time being. The long-term effects of this are still unclear, as it is undetermined if this is also an economic issue that will see these individuals entering the TV marketplace once they have the means, or the beginning of a larger shift to online viewing.’ “

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